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Rebates For Retrofits

At R-Value we want to ensure that customers get the best value when purchasing spray foam insulation. We have created this page to help any resident of Ontario thinking about spray foam insulation learn more about the steps involved to secure these rebates. There is a lot of misinformation and sales tactics around these rebates that we hope to clarify for you so you know the best available options and benefits prior to starting your next spray foam insulation project.

Q: Does R-value issue these rebates and pass along the savings after install? 
A: No. R-Value doesn’t issue these rebates as rebates are provided by the Greener Homes Grant to Eligible customers. Please note that in order to be eligible for these rebates home assessments must be performed prior to any work. 

Please click the link below for an informational video from the government of Canada on this program:

For more information about the Greener Homes Grant and all the steps required and the application process please visit the following website:

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